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W.J Smith Construction Redefines Remodeling, Renovation, and Restoration of older Homes

Every home is a reflection of the family residing in it. W.J Smith understands this, considering your preferences and requirements from the start. We create unique, custom homes in Eastern NC and in the surrounding areas, catering to your individuality and weaving a unified vision for your property.

When building modern custom homes, you have complete control over design and layout. Our contractors ensure a quick and compliant construction process, minimizing errors. Trust us to deliver a quality home that will bring relaxation and entertainment for years to come.

Custom Home Builders Greenville NC
Custom Home Builders Greenville NC
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Custom Home Builders Greenville NC

W.J Smtih Process for Custom Homes

We prioritize safety, craftsmanship, and architectural standards to ensure long-lasting structures. With attention to detail, we survey the land and provide a 3D representation for your approval. Our construction process considers functionality and sophistication for your custom home. We create comfortable, safe, sustainable, and vibrant spaces, whether in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms.

Our partnership approach allows effective communication for your unique custom home requirements. We’ve constructed numerous exquisite luxury homes, employing world-class expertise and precision. From traditional to contemporary or rustic styles, we cater to your preferences. Trust us to deliver an outstanding living experience through our professional custom home projects.

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