Insurance Claim

Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

When your roof gets damaged in a storm, you usually contact your insurance company to file a claim. 

Usually, with a roof storm damage claim, once the insurance adjuster assesses the damages, they determine the amount the insurance company pays out. Many times the amount will be sufficient to cover repairs. 

If it isn’t or if you need any help with your roof insurance claim in Atlanta, GA, Colony Roofers has experienced experts to help you. 

We will work for your benefit. Learn how we can help by calling 

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How We Can Help
With Claims

Before you ever file a roof damage claim, get a professional roofer like Colony Roofers to inspect your roof. Our years of experience in the roofing industry, and dealing with insurance companies, gives us an edge when helping with a roof insurance claim in Atlanta, GA, Colony Roofers. 

When we inspect your roof after a storm fire or other events, we’ll be able to give you an accurate idea about your roof’s condition and give you an accurate estimate that you can use to file your claim.

Roof storm damage is normally covered by your insurer. Storm and hail damage, however, can be particularly difficult to spot, and not all claims adjusters will have the skills and experience that we do to accurately evaluate a storm-damaged roof. 

Years of roofing experience has taught us exactly what to look for. Because storm damage might not be immediately apparent to an untrained eye, it might not be recognized as such until months later as leaks or other problems begin to appear. 

This is why we advise you to get the roof inspected as soon as possible after the storm. An inspection is one way we can help you with your roof insurance claim. We can also speak with adjusters on your behalf to explain and verify our estimates. Our goal is always to get you the full benefit of the claim.

Insurance Claim

When an unforeseen disaster strikes your home, the experience can be incredibly stressful and disheartening. At W.J. Smith Construction, we understand the challenges you face during such difficult times. Our commitment is to alleviate the burden from your shoulders and guide you through a seamless restoration process with the utmost professionalism.


As your dedicated restoration contractor, we specialize in handling the intricate details involved in dealing with insurance companies, ensuring that your home is rebuilt efficiently and effectively. Our expertise extends to addressing various forms of damage, including roof damage, water damage, and storm damage.


Here’s how our professional services can assist you:


  1. Thorough Damage Assessment: Our skilled team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the damage, providing you with a clear understanding of the restoration needs.
  1. Assistance in Claim Filing: We take the lead in navigating the insurance claim process, offering expert guidance to streamline the paperwork and ensure a swift resolution.
  1. Supplementing for Comprehensive Repairs: Beyond filing the claim, we go the extra mile to supplement the restoration efforts, ensuring that every aspect of the damage is meticulously addressed and repaired.
  1. Efficient Removal of Damaged Property: Our professionals handle the removal of damaged property with precision and care, clearing the way for a smooth restoration process.
  1. Restoration to Former Glory: With a focus on excellence, we restore your property to its former glory, utilizing our expertise and advanced techniques to deliver high-quality results.

At W.J. Smith Construction, our mission is to transform what could be a daunting experience into a seamless and stress-free process for you. You can trust us to not only understand your restoration needs but also to deliver outstanding results, getting your home back together with the professionalism and dedication it deserves.