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our 9 step process

Exploring Your Core Values

At W.J. Smith Construction, our approach goes beyond bricks and mortar. We engage in meaningful conversations to understand your lifestyle and envisioned way of living. This understanding forms the foundation for crafting a personalized floor plan that seamlessly aligns with your family's unique needs and preferences.

Secure Your Construction Financing Approval

What sets us apart is our commitment to assisting you in obtaining financing. We actively support you in identifying the optimal lender and facilitating meetings to explore different home loan options. Understanding your purchasing capacity is crucial, and we're here to guide and empower you in making informed decisions.

Evaluating Your Lot

If you haven't secured a piece of land, let us facilitate the discovery of an optimal homesite. Upon land acquisition, enjoy a complimentary Land Evaluation, ensuring seamless compatibility of your chosen home with the land. We provide a thorough assessment of foundation requirements and gather details about site preparation and utility costs, seamlessly integrated into your Investment Summary.

Handpick Your Dream Home AND Personalize Every Detail

Unleash your creativity by customizing your chosen floor plan. Transform it into your ultimate Dream Home with personalization options that resonate with your unique style and preferences.

Delve Deeper into Your Investment Summary Analysis

Your Dream Home Consultant will provide a thorough breakdown of the investment, encompassing all chosen options. Our commitment is to guide you through choices, making adjustments if needed to align with your budget expectations. Once agreed upon, we sign the construction agreement, ensuring a seamless alignment with your financial preferences.

Your Pre-Construction Meeting

This meeting provides a comprehensive understanding of the construction process and establishes clear expectations for all parties involved. Any remaining questions are addressed, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Build Your Home

Step into the thrilling phase where the magic unfolds. Witness the creation of your meticulously designed home with regular updates and the flexibility to visit the construction site at your convenience.

Conducting the Last Inspection of Your Dream Home

5-7 days before your scheduled move-in date, we conduct a blue tape walk-through to ensure everything is as envisioned. Any touch-ups needed are identified and completed, and home warranties are discussed.


The awaited moment arrives – time to move in! After your approval and the nod from the W.J. Smith Construction team, bring in your belongings and embark on the life you envisioned in your new Dream Home. As construction concludes, our warranty process kicks in to guarantee the ongoing care and maintenance of your home.